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EXTINCTION came at a time when it is an increasingly our quotidian. Yet we are increasingly making our lives better and we for forgetting about everything around us. THROUGH the power that Urban Art has, the artist intends to show the  beauty of these species. Using this power to sensitize people to a problem which

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A different way to show you all the creative process about my work! From the paper to the wall, passing by Illustrator, Photoshop, After Effects and Premiere Pro. Hope you enjoy it. Don’t forget to give me your opinion, subscribe and follow my work on social media.

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IT MAKES SENSE EXPOSIÇÃO É com um enorme prazer que vos convido para a minha exposição individual que começará dia 06.01.2018 até 02.02.2018 na Galeria Arte Periferica, no Centro Cultural de Belem, Lisboa. A inauguração da exposição começa às 17h do dia 06 de Janeiro. A exposição aborda um ano de trabalho com muitas novidades!

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Now available at EDIS ONE STORE. Unique skateboard, painted by Edis One, with LEDs on the back. Giving a soft light to the work. Please visit. More info:

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