CARA ou COROA represents not only the beginning of a sporting game but also the starting point for the play of words and images in this work. Starting from expressions such as “the king sport” or the “queen proof” and inspired by card games, the artists placed the King and Queen of decks in the same “card”, as a visual and illustrative mirror of two characters with the same power, the same importance, the same values ​​regardless of the weight of your crown or the type that your face represents.

“Cara ou Coroa” has as its theme sport and gender equality, in addition to the importance of values ​​such as fair play and respect on and off the field.

A project to enhance the urban space was promoted by the Junta de Freguesia de Benfica, with the support of the Galeria de Arte Urbana and the Lisbon City Council. Special thanks to Jopinto Tintas for supplying the paints and for all the professionalism.

? Estrada do Calhariz de Benfica, Lisbon.