I was challenged by @eventuais.insta to create 4 murals in 4 different locations about Transumância. Using images that provided me with this tradition. And extinction is not only in the habitat or in animals but also in traditions.

Thank you to all municipalities for the help and availability shown in this huge project. And I suggest you take this route, not only to get to know my murals but also to get to know our country ?!

@Cmseia @municipiogouveia @municipio_de_castro_daire@camaramunicipaldefundao

Partnership: @extinctionartproject

Now the question: What is Transumância? ?

The seasonal displacement of herds and their shepherds between the Serras da Estrela, Gardunha and Montemuro, represents a journey through the customs and traditions of these regions. With the herds followed the shepherds, the songs and ethnographic manifestations. The Terras da Transumância brand aims at a cultural celebration around this ancestral tradition, affirming these territories as cultural tourist destinations of excellence and that preserve the memory of their customs. A network project, from the municipalities of Castro Daire, Fundão, Gouveia and Seia.