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EXTINCTION a word that sadly seems to be more and more present daily. While our lives are becoming increasingly comfortable we forget about everything else around us, disconnected from nature.

Extinction Bus for Public Art Festival, Loures.

EXTINCTION is my way of expressing and sharing my concern for this serious issue, a warning about everything we have to lose, because when an animal becomes extinct it is lost forever and the effects of this loss of biodiversity are world wide, imagine a world without whales, colourful parrots, polar bears, koalas… just the thought is heartbreaking.

Black Rhino, Agualva Mira Sintra.

Street Art has the power to send a message, to impact people while  they go about their daily lives and through my work I want to share the immense beauty of all these species, many of which are on the brink of extinction, I want to remind human beings about just how much we have to lose, I want them to fall in love with nature again and not be so indifferent to the effect our actions can have on these magnificent beings.

Print Turtle I

Through EXTINCTION I use the power of Art to raise awareness about a problem that makes 10 thousand species disappear forever, every year. The project consists of a set of murals spread around the world, portraying endangered species with the goal of creating an awareness campaign .

Red Panda. Quinta do Mocho, Sacavém.

WE ARE LOOKING FOR a partner who identifies with this cause and wants to support this message and help me make a positive impact on our world.

These Murals aren’t just an expression of creativity, but their true purpose is to alert and create greater awareness about what is already considered the sixth largest mass extinction in the history of Earth.

Do you want to be part of this project? Contact the artist here! 🙂